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New Employee Quick Start:

The Secrets of Rapid Onboarding


New Employee Quick Start is a one-day workshop that focuses on building or upgrading an onboarding process for any organization.  Onboarding covers the critical first 30 days where both you and your new employees discover if this is the right job for them and whether or not they will fit in with their work teams.  Onboarding is a program for both front line employees and managers of all experience levels.

Onboarding is important  because the first few weeks for any new employee are critical for that employees success.  When done right effective onboarding makes new employees more productive sooner at a significantly lower cost.  Onboarding is more than just a simple orientation but more than a full Learning Path where employees reach full proficiency.  

What You Will Learn

This workshop covers how to set up, run and evaluate a successful onboarding program. This includes providing all of the tools and templates you will need.  This 1-day Workshop includes how to:


Who Should Attend

This workshop is for sales managers and executives as well as training and human resource professionals who work with sales forces. In addition, it is valuable for Learning Paths project leaders you will be working on building and implementing a sales Learning Path in their organization.

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