Month 1

  1. Demonstrates expected work habits and discipline to accomplish position goals.
  2. Follows company values and principles including demonstrating cultural competencies with our staff, carriers and clients.
  3. Uses CRM to enhance efficiency, manage prospecting activities and track sales activities.

Month 2

  1. Accepts and acts on coaching, guidance and feedback from mentor and team members to accelerate development and adopt best practices.
  2. Uses sales planning tools, scripts and systems for pipeline development and management of prospecting activities
  3. Develops and implements a clear objective and plan for each meeting or phone call with a prospect/client.
  4. Devotes at least 8 hours per week to making prospecting/cold calls to secure initial meetings.

Month 3

  1. Takes full advantage of agency technology and resources to enhance efficiency
  2. Builds positive and productive working relationships with other members of the team and within the community.
  3. Devotes at least 8 hours per week to making prospecting/cold calls to secure initial meetings.
  4. Builds and maintains a pipeline of 150 “washed” suspects in CRM of at least $7,500 in revenue each.
  5. Schedules and conducts at least 20 initial meetings with prospects per month.
  6. Schedules and conducts at least 8 Center of Influence / Networking meetings per month to develop referral sources and create visibility.

Month 4

  1. Shows preparation including acting professionally, researching the client and industry, and dressing appropriately in all interactions with clients
  2. Uses effective questioning and listening to build rapport, identify needs, and qualify opportunities,
  3. Leaves each initial meeting with a clear plan of action of next steps.
  4. Seeks and leverages internal and external coaches to advance sales efforts within targeted accounts.
  5. Involves appropriate internal resources and experts in prospect/client meetings and presentations in a manner that brings significant value to the meeting, prospect/client, and our agency.
  6. Briefs team members prior to prospect/client meetings regarding objective and role they will play in the meeting.
  7. Differentiates our agency from the competition during the sales presentation including multiple ways we address risk and business priorities better than competitors in order to compete on value versus price alone.
  8. Briefs team members prior to the presentation regarding meeting objectives and the expected role they will play in order to maximize time available.
  9. Leaves each presentation or meeting with a clear plan of action including prospect/client commitment to next steps. Examples of next steps include Audit Action Plan, Sites Visits, Handbook Review, Policy Review and contract review.
  10. Rehearses entire sales presentation with one or more team members before presenting resulting in high quality presentation.
  11. Makes at least 2 closing presentations per month (or six per quarter)
  12. Delivers organized and concise presentations focused on the client while speaking clearly and tailoring the presentation to the buyer’s style

Month 5

  1. Handles prospect and client interactions like a professional advisor.
  2. Delivers effective sales presentations at the executive level and other appropriate levels of the organization

Month 6

  1. Identifies a focus or specialty/practice group to focus sales efforts and build expertise
  2. Builds expertise including business, business insurance and risk management trends
  3. Engages and builds rapport and connects with decision makers and influencers by getting prospects to commit their personal time in activities such as dinner, hunting, golf, etc.
  4. Wins business from at least 50% of closing presentations with prospects
  5. Makes a meaningful contribution to accurate identification of prospect risk management and insurance issues and creation of an on-target solution to address them
  6. Explains industry and technical issues clearly and accurately for given audience.

Month 7

  1. Achieves first sale to a mid-market target account ($7,500 or more in annual revenue to the agency)
  2. Refers/initiates cross-selling of agency services and solutions that are appropriate to prospect/client needs to maximize client retention and satisfaction.
  3. Demonstrates understanding of each carrier’s expertise and current appetite within certain industries.
  4. Adheres to standardized workflow for proposals, and marketing submissions