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One-Day Workshop

Leading a Learning Organization the Learning Paths Way


Development of people is a complex matter. Simply putting employees on training programs expecting them to come back to the workplace performing up to your standards does not work. A structured approach including all elements and measurability of development customized for the specific role the employee needs to fulfill.  The Learning Paths methodology has a strong track record in bringing the results you want. “Leading a Learning Organization the Learning Paths Way” is one of the workshops supported by the Learning Paths Methodology.

The purpose of this 1-day workshop is to show how to lead a learning organization that can consistently produce world class employee development, faster and at a lower cost. This workshop focuses on applying the principles of Learning Paths to drive out time, waste and variability from the training function. In addition, it shows how to measure and demonstrate results in a way that elevates the status and influence of the learning organization.


I. Learning Principles as Leadership Principles

An effective learning organization needs to be the owners of how to train and develop employees. This means demonstrating expertise in a consistent and authoritative manner. The place to start is to define a clear set of “Learning Principles” that will guide all training design, development and delivery. Learning Principles are defined what your organization believes is absolutely true about how people really learn. In this module, participants will:

II. Defining and Mapping Processes

Looking at the design, development and delivery of training as a process, provides a unique opportunity to be more systematic, consistent, cost-effective and fast. This process can be used for any type of training from classroom to elearning to on-the-job. In this module, participants:

III. Tools and Templates

The most difficult and expensive way to develop training is to always start from a blank sheet of paper or the blank screen. The framework for almost all training can be put into templates that can be used over and over again. This also provides a consistent look and feel to all training which actually promotes learning. In this module, participants will learn how to develop templates for:

IV. A Seat at the Big Table

Finally, participants learn how to use the principles, systems and tools of this session to become more of a strategic partner for upper management. The goal is to add sufficient value to the organization so that the learning leader is involved in the planning stage not just at implementation.  In this module, participants will learn how to:

Who Should Attend

This session will be valuable for anyone who is leading a training department, managing training or working as a training consultant.  This session will also help training departments work through common issues and improve quality and productivity.

This session is also valuable for anyone who has gone through a Learning Paths certification program. This is additional information about how to build training that has been identified on a Learning Path.

“Learn how to cut time, waste and cost”

“Master new strategies for getting a seat at the big table”

“Improve teamwork and morale with your staff”

“Take the time and aggravation out of working with vendor”

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