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1. What is a Learning Path?

A Learning Path is the entire sequence of learning events that go from day one to proficiency.  It includes formal and informal training plus practice and experience. The goal of a Learning Paths project is to dramatically shrink the Learning Path for any task, job or function.

2. What is proficiency?

Proficiency is defined as when an employee is fully up-to-speed.  This means performing a task or job at the desired performance level without constant supervision.  

3. How is proficiency measured?

Proficiency is measured in terms of measurable results such as amount sold, error rate or customer satisfaction rating plus observable behaviors.


4. Why is time to proficiency important?

Every minute employees are less than fully proficient has a dramatic effect on productivity, quality, safety and more.  Reducing time to proficiency provides measurable savings that go right to the bottom line.

5. What is the difference between a proficiency definition and a competency model?

Competency models break down a job or task into required skill, knowledge and attitudes, while a proficiency definition is a description of results.  Competency models miss the links between skills, knowledge and attitudes that are often the key to becoming fully proficient.

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